Monday, December 16, 2013

[NEWS] "OK Google" has been released for google chrome desktop. - After a good while of absence (9 months?!)

Yeah that is right kids, now you can feel like Tony Stark while running google searches!

Hope you all enjoy using this feature while its not as useful as the android version. I suspect soon we will be able to push reminders from the desktop to the tablet / phone interface soon enough!

- I would like to note that soon I will be getting back to writing Java;Notes and Likely make a corresponding Youtube series about it. A few things have changed since I started writing this last year. Mostly just IDE stuff. I am now proudly using IntelliJ IDEA for an IDE. I am in love with this IDE as it makes things flow MUCH better that eclipse or even netbeans. Not to mention Google is porting over to a custom version built just for android.

So, I am back!

PS: Time to work on twitter integration!