Monday, March 25, 2013

Java;Notes - 2.) Getting setup with Java: Moving in

Getting setup with Java on windows 7 is rather strait forward on windows however there are a few steps I will cover in here for the "Just in Case"

Downloading JDK7:
  1. Go to the following page to download the latest JDK:
  2. Download by clicking on the box that says: Java Platform (JDK) 7uXX (In the case of writing: 7u17) this will cause the EXE file to download
 Downloading Eclipse(Our Dev Enviroment):
  1. Go to: Download the version that corresponds to your OS
  2. Navigate to your downloads folder and Unzip the Zip to the desktop.
Setting up the Environment:
  1. Navigate to your computer's download folder (c://users/your-username/downloads *unless you specified it elsewhere in your web browsers settings)
  2. Double click the:  jdk-7u17-windows-x64.exe to install
  3. After you installed the JDK7 you should then be able to use eclipse to write programs. With little to no issues when you start eclipse up as it automatically registers the JDK location on the file system.
To be convenient you can simply copy eclipse from the folder you unzipped it to and paste a shortcut to the desktop allowing you to run it from there. To paste the shortcut you go into the eclipse folder copy the EXE / Application file and right click and empty spot on the desktop click "Paste Shortcut" button and you will now be able to use eclipse from the desktop.

====JUST IN CASE!!====

How to manually set the Path to the Java JDK7 Folder(Setting up Command Line Usage):
  1. Click on the start menu
  2. Move your mouse to the "computer" button right click on it
  3. Click "Properties" from the menu that shows up this should bring you to the "System" Screen where it tells you all the info for your computer.
  4. To the top right of the screen there is a menu click the "Advance System Settings" option. This will bring up a window called "System Properties"
  5. In the system properties window go to the advanced tab if you are not there already
  6. Click the Environment Variables Button (Its the last option on the window before the standard windows UI kicks in) It will bring up the coresponding screen.
  7. On the bottom part of the window there is a list called "System Variables" Scroll till you find "Path" Click it once to highlight
  8. Press the edit button right under the list subwindow. This will bring up another screen. Go to the back of the list
  9. Add a semicolon to the back of the list and add the following path to the list: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_17\bin
  10. Click "OK" and then you can exit those windows. -- You should now be setup to run JDK commands from the windows command line!