Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Salution Mundo and Hello World!

Hello all,

I am Alex Kollar, and up and coming Android App developer. My father(Kevin Kollar) and I started a company called Lions Images Productions, LLC (Website: Here) to be our hub for our apps and our communications. You all have stumbled into my personal blog. Not that I mind in the least bit.

I had intended this blog to be a hub for my own personal use with Java and Android. As I am still learning and I will never stop learning it would pay to have a nice place to keep all of my work with out the need to have it copied into paper.

Over all I will present a brief recap of the last few months.

It all started around early summer when my father actually pushed me into getting further into programming. I had to this point a fundamental knowledge of what programming was. It was code... I had always been interested in code. So after a few years of being on the shelf I grabbed my Java Books and started going to town. As well as learning from youtube and so on.

Forward a few weeks of learning and I started working on what would be our companies Flagship Application. The Wireless Emergency Breaker Beacon: Silent Guardian. Which is an app version of my fathers Patented WEBB: SG phone modification. (Website and info: here) With the general concept of it being a SILENT means of contacting emergency services in the event of a life threatening situation. Such as Muggings, Rape and other Violent Crimes.

Forward a few weeks after that we made our way to Philly for a news meeting with fox29 about the app and two weeks later it was broadcast. Thus signalling the official start of Lions Images Productions, LLC.

As time went on I started to get better at what I was doing or at least I feel I am getting better. However I want to have a place I can record my findings and other such things as related to my code and growing skills in code. Which lands us where we are now on this blog looking at this almost blank space...

So what to expect out of this blog:

  • Code... first and Foremost... lots of code
  • Personal musings and things of that nature
  • I tend to write programming related spoof(And original) songs / Poems, so expect them.
  • As well as what ever else comes along.
Expect a good bit in here over time.

Thanks for dropping in!